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Check the License of the Mental Heath Professional You Choose Before Your First Visit.

Counselors, Licensed Professional Counselors and Other licensed professionals), the agencies that license them, and their contact information:

Marriage and Family Therapists, Marriage and Family Therapist interns Board of Behavioral Sciences
Telephpone (916) 574-7830
Click here for online license verification
Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Associate Clinical Social Workers Board of Behavioral Sciences
Telephpone (916) 574-7830
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Licensed Psychologists, Psychological Assistants, Registered Psychologists Board of Psychology
Telephpone (916) 263-2699
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Psychiatrists Medical Board of California
Telephpone (916) 263-2499
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Psychiatric Technicians Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians
Telephpone (916) 263-7800
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Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses Board of Registered Nursing
Telephpone (916) 322-3350
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Licensed Educational Psychologists Board of Behavioral Sciences 
Telephpone (916) 574-7830
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Types of Mental Health Providers

  • Psychiatrist - A licensed medical doctor who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental illnesses. They may work with you on everyday problems like stress or more complex issues like schizophrenia. Psychiatrists can prescribe medications.
  • Psychologist - A licensed specialist who provides clinical therapy or counseling for a variety of mental health care conditions. They have earned a doctorate degree in psychology and are required to complete several years of supervised practice before becoming licensed.
  • Counselor/Therapist – A specialist who provides mental health services to diagnose and treat mental and emotional health issues. They may use a variety of therapeutic techniques. Licensed Counselors have a master’s or a doctoral degree in counseling or a related area.
  • Neuropsychologist – A licensed psychologist with expertise in how behavior and motor skills are related to brain structures and systems.
  • Social Worker - A specialist who provides treatment for social and health problems. Some social workers may work in employee assistance programs or as case managers who coordinate psychiatric, medical and other services on your behalf. Others specialize in domestic violence or chronic illness. Most social workers have a master’s degree in social work; many are licensed as a LCSW.
  • Psychiatric Nurse- Licensed registered nurses (R.N.) who have extra training in mental health. Under supervision of medical doctors, they may offer mental health assessments and psychotherapy and they may help manage medications. Advanced practice registered nurses (A.P.R.N.) can diagnose and treat mental illnesses.
  • Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT)- Therapists who evaluate and treat disorders within the context of the family. These therapists provide help with a range of problems, such as depression, parent-child conflicts, and eating disorders.