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Some of the comments that petition signers have left on the petition to urge Sacramento County Board of Supervisor to stop budget cuts of mental health services

Elisabeth A"Maneely:  "I am a former Sacramentan who left the area because the mental health system in Sacramento was lacking. To think of cutting is further is down right frightening. I now reside in Hot Springs, Arkansas where I attend a weekly group for free, see a psychiatrist for a limited fee, and also see a therapist weekly for a reduced rate. And that's Arkansas, folks! Is Sacramento becoming the back woods of mental health care??!",


DAVID COLEMAN: "It always seems that the decision makers attack the most vulnerable citizens whenever they fail to fulfill their obligation as trustees of our community finances.  In most cases, it is the unwillingness of the decision makers to take responsiblity for their failed fiscal policies.  It is time that the Board put aside it's arogance and ""Do The Right Thing"" by not placing the burden of its failed fiscal policies on the backs of the mentally ill, the elderly or the poor- Please do not cut the care these citizens desperately need--David Coleman",


BernadetteStafford: "It is imperative that children get the mental health and rehabilitation services they need to become productive and healthy members of society. They are our future and we have an obligation to support this effort.",


Emily Tupper:"I am a professional social worker in the healthcare field.  Each day I am faced with the unfortunate realities of the lack of mental health care resources for Sacramento County residents.  Additional cuts in services would have a significant impact on the healthcare and social services systems.  The resources that we have are important and I consider them to be invaluable.  I urge you to avoid further cuts to Sacramento County Mental Health services as this would cause a great disservice to the people of Sacramento county.",


David Harrington: "Eliminating or limiting the 4 RSTs will result in almost 9000 people finding themselves further marginalized.  The economy and the accomapnying pressures will surely result in a significant increase in the number of people in need of and seeking mental health services for the first time; or perhaps the first time in a while. The possibilities for folks in either situation mentioned are grim to say the least.  Our choices now will either help or hinder the overall wellbeing of thousands of people. That needs to remain in the forefront of everyone's mind.",


Marielle Brandt:  "I train master's level mental health clinicians and also provide training to mental health clinicians in Sacramento county. California is behind many states in the area of mental health - we need more mental health clinicians and more cutting edge training to provide comprehensive mental health services to our community members. Our children and families are hurting already due to the lack of services. California is already lacking ""prevention"" programs that are geared toward keeping people in the work force and addressing needs of children and families.  Cutting funds in mental health services will only exacerbate a full range of problems (including crime, homelessness, etc.) that we are already suffering from in our communities.Please consider the future of your children and grandchildren. We all want safe and healthy communities in which they can thrive after we are all gone. Vote against any cuts to mental health in our state.",


Arnold Golub: "Funding for Mental Health Services must be continued. Individuals with access to Mental Healh Services are able to maintain a job, pay taxes, and remain a productive member of Society. Those who are unable to receive such support increase costs to the community.",


Leigh Bennett: "There are far tooo many people who need mental health care, especially those who are fighting chronic illnesses with no support system in place.  Please do not cut these services, so many people could benefit from these services!"


Naomi Hagerdon: "I don't even live in Sac. I live in the bottom half of Fresno county. Our mental health system has been repeatedly receiving cuts and it shows. Too many people with too many problems that it has become an overload for a society that doesn't give a damn. The problem is that nobody takes mental health seriously, it's a little taboo. something meant to be swept under the rug glossed over and fed a pill. That pisses me off. To top it off what little funding was coming in is now gone. More people are going to suffer, especially with job/money loss, that we are all seeing with this recession. The California government wants to make cut backs? How about to their  salaries? Oh no that would be too close to home. Don't worry none of the crazies will notice that they're out of meds, Who cares if another nut job hurts someone or kills themselves, it out of our hands now. This is such crap and I am more than happy to stand up against this. Sincerely,


Aja R."TIDWELL: "Because I have worked in the Mental Health System, and have also had family with Mental Illness I feel that stopping the funding would be wrong!!! Please DO NOT make these patients suffer because like it or not THEY ARE PEOPLE TOO!!!!!","Aja R. Tidwell"


Jacob Robertson: "To our Board of Supervisors, I plead. As you consider the relative costs and benefits of leaving many of the mentally ill without treatment or services they depend on in the community, ask yourself: How will these budget cuts affect the mentally ill individuals and the taxpayers?"

Michael Savasta: "Healing the sick should have more priority in the budget"


Andrew Wainwright: "I'm from England. Cutting funding for mental health research and treatment, especially drug free, spritual & counselling and holistic treatments, means more people will end up in JAIL, simple as that!",


Amy Jensen RN: As a Psych RN in a outpt clinic and a current Psych Nurse Practitioner student graduating in June this year, I am unnerved by the lack of regard for our most vulnerable population. With no funding to the County Psych clinics, over 8,000 mentally ill adults will have no access to services including medication management and case management that have been shown to reduced recidivism rates in psychiatric hospitals. I urge you to reconsider your allocation of funding as a decrease in mental health services will only increase the number of out clients that use the psych inpt hospitals and the ER...and the ones that do not utilize those will still be costing us more money with an increase of police activity due to being off their medications and not having case management services. Even if they have Medi-Cal, these clients can not be seen at their PCP office adequately. If this was your daughter, son, mother, father, wife or husband....what would you want for them???"


VICKI FERRIS: Please don't hurt a group who is already at the mercy of society that has failed them in so many ways, please don't make it worse.  Remember this will harm all of us ultimately.",


Karla Edwards-McCain: "Receiving services from mental helath programs has truly impacted my life. I think that if people would take the time to see outside of themselves, for just a moment, I believe that you would see why these types of programs are greatly needed and are important to society. I don't know where I'd be without them.",


Elizabeth Petersen: "In addition to maintaining all the beneficial services to the mental health consumers of Sacramento County, please also consider keeping mental health professionals employed, so as not increase the steadily rising unemployment rate in Ca, and to leave the burden of care for mental health clients in the hands of already skilled professionals. Do not burden other state or county entities with the care of the unique needs of mental health clients.",


Alexis Bernard: "I oppose cuts of mental health services because of the fiscal impact that a reduction in these services would have on our county.  Reducing these services will cost far more as the individuals receiving the services will undoubtedly end up in our jails and hospitals.  There will also be an increase in emergency police calls, inappropriate utilization of emergency services, psychiatric hospitalizations and arrests/incarcerations.",


Susan Miner: "I have already seen the impact of the cuts in sacramento.  I see people sleeping behind trash cans at various stores around the sacramento area.  Additional cuts will only increase this problem making Sacramento a depressed and sad area to live.  Nobody should have to live like that. Please do what you can to put an end to more cuts in mental health.",


Kim Warren: I work in the field and I also have a sister with mental issues. There are to many people with mental issues that need support. So please think about not cutting funds for mental health services.",

Carol,Dufner,Sacramento,California,"United States","I have worked very hard to help get Proposition 63 passed.  To take from it or any other budget belonging to mental health is unconscionable.  Do not balance a budget on the backs of those less fortunate than we are.  What an awful Karma one sets for themselves.",


Kathi Huckaby: "The residents of Sacramento and the surrounding community should be the last people that need to suffer from proposed budget cuts in mental health, as they need these services even more so now with the failing economy. The reductions will cost taxpayers much more by increasing costs in hospitals, emergency sources, CPS and APS, and the criminal justice system. This plan would be counterproductive given these economic times!",


CarrieCerezo: "Mental Health services are so important to our students in our martial arts studio.  Please don't cut their services.  Thank you, Carrie Cerezo",


Stephanie Hughes: "As a society we have in recent years begun to realize the value of offering Mental Health services to all strata of society.  My brother in Hawaii has been able to become a productive member of society due to interventions he received in this area. His comment as he proceeds in his 5 th year of recovery is : ""there should be counseling centers on every corner!"" As a society we need to broaden not reduce our efforts!!",


Larry Wittmeyer: "Once again California is proposing to break its promise to provide adequate community based services to Mental Health consumers. Now we want to drive them to more expensive and inappropriate systems of care such as emergency rooms which will further increase health premiums for all of us! More will also needlessly end up in the prison system further exaserbating one of Californias major problems!",


Joy Muraki: "I am a therapist and am very concerned that my adult clients will not be able to access the mental health services that they need.  Without such services, their chances of being hospitalized at either psychiatric hospitals or medical hospitals will increase significantly.",


Sharon Watson: "I have worked for Sacramento and Placer County, at non-profit county contracted Metnal Health programs, that help families & children with special needs for 12 years. Every year I see that our service delivery is negatively impacted by funding cuts & bureaucracy. In the end, it only causes more societal domino effects, due to these families not getting the education and support they need to become more successful citizens. Please do not CUT MENTAL HEALTH funds! This will affect several jobs...but more importantly, the most vulnerable people in our society will be left with no other option, but to continue the cycles that our Mental Health agencies are so desperately trying to break!","If you want to cut anything......cut ENTERTAINER salaries! TV sitcoms, hollywood movie stars, music industry, even athletes.....they MAKE TOO MUCH MONEY. None of them deserve several homes worldwide, mansions, several expensive cars, clothes that cost thousands of dollars...that's where the US goes wrong. If every single American put the money from just ONE movie ticket stub in a FUND..that would be millions of dollars in ONE SINGLE DAY. Openings for movies bring in several millions! What if every moviegoer, that day, put that 10 dollar bill in a Mental Health fund? Hmmmmm..."


Caroline Caton: "Untreated mental illness will cost many many times the amount of money cut from the budget.  Untreated paranoid schizophrenia caused my mother to lose her peace of mind and body.  After spending over 17 years homeless, she was placed in the care of Sacramento County.  The last four years of her life cost well over $2 million. She was one person.  Do the math.   How effective can it be to eliminate treatment, leaving only the most expensive outcome as an option?  Both in human and financial terms.",


Tammy Del Rio": "California can not afford any more cuts to our mental health services.",

Sally Carney: his issue is important to me because my parents instilled in me values to care for my fellow man. Mental illness is just as valid a disease as mumps, cancer, or whatever.",

Christina Hardy: "Funds for Mental Health, especically for children, is so important and something that we as a society are impacted with everyday. We need to help!",


Darrell Steed: "this is a very important thing for people in this area so they have a place to find the help that is needed",


Helga,Griffith: "My name is Helga Griffith and I am a mental health consumer who may end up hospitalized or worse if I cannot get Medi-cal. I am on many different medications and have been a kaiser member my whole life--and we just now finally seem to have my meds right. I cannot pay my kaiser insurance and honestly, I am frightened about what will happen to me when kaiser discontinues my insurance. I have been through a lot--just to get the right doctors, psych, and finally a great therepist. I applied for medi-cal and they have not informed me if I am going to get it or not--they have 90 days. It has been one month--and I am now two months behind in insurance payments. Do I have to die or get suicidal just to get help? apparently so, or so I have been told.","We need more services to help people before they spiral into crisis--it is easily preventable. But cutting fudns for mental health is dangerous and irresponsible. Sincerely, Helga Griffith"


Arthur Sanchez: "this is not the time to limit an already meager budget for mental health needs!",


Kelly Jameson: "I have had the opportunity to work for those with a Mental health diagnose for over 20 years. I feel it is a very important field. Just for a moment think about those who are affected not by just one diagnosis, but several different types of Mental Health Diagnoses. What about, how it impacts their family and friends as well. These people come from various types of backgrounds. Some individuals have obtained a Masters Degree or other people who are high school dropouts. They are all human and all deserve equal Mental Health and medical treatment. There is a definite ongoing need! Cutting funding is cutting off their link to any hope for wellness and recovery!",


Cindi Garcia: "Tough times require tough decisions by our Board of Supervisors.  I urge you not to cut further funding for mental health services at the time when people most need mental health services because of an unsettled economic condition.",


K Payton: "Mental Health services throughout CA. is a major issue & challenge to work through, not just Sac Co. However, working in Social Services I'm finding that there's already people who need our services who are falling through the cracks because of staff shortages. There's also not enough resources for the elderly with developmental delays. Alta Regional is a good resource but more resources are needed but the funding continues to decrease. To cut important community programs on a shoestring staff budget would continue to provide a disservice to our neighbors who have life challenges and it's just not rational nor ethical, in my opinion. The Board of Supervisors need to honestly understand that these cuts not only provide a disservice to our fellow Americans but it will increase the costs to treatment centers, hospitals, and the homelessness will continue to rise. Have you visited ""tent city"" yet? It's a sad situation so please don't make it worse for those seeking mental health services in the future! Thank you.",


Charlotte Belton: "We are facing a crisis in our city with homelessness, and any additional cuts to social service programs will only add to this epidemic. We cannot afford to take Mental Health Services away. We must take care of societies' most vulnerable, it will be to our advantage to take care of the people who need it the most.",


Allen Duong: "Please Don't Cut Jesus name we pray.",


PEREZ ZABINA: "Please dont cut services there will be a lot of people with out medications. it will be a big problem than you think. People need thier medications to function just like a sick child does.",


Donald Manley: "Many people, myself included, rely on community driven medical and mental institutions for help. Without this, we would be without treatment, without the proper medications, and without anywhere to turn to. Don't take away our hope. Don't cut funding.",


Norberto Martin: "The funds are importanat. please do not cut these funds. We need all the help we can get.",


Marcia Gump: " I urge our Board of Supervisors to stop cuts to mental health services because this may lead to more expensive consequences such as increased prison rates, costs of hospitalizations, homelessness and rise in cost.  Most concerning is the impact that the cuts will have on children.  Sacramento County's Child Protective Services is overwhelmed and will not be able to manage the added risks.",


Jessica Serrano: "This is important to me because I care about all these clients. Where are they suppose to go? To see the looks on our patient's faces when they worry about Visions Umlimited closing down makes me sad. I work at Visions Umlimited and I believe we help a lot of people. To cut money from us will hurt everyone. The clients and the employees. Please reconcider your decision and don't cut from mental health. Thank you.",


Navneet Singh:"We are always here for the clients,of any help they need,please do not cut Funds for mental health",


Rebecca Martin:To the Board of Supervisors - Please do not cut mental health services in Sacramento County.  Many, many people depend on the RST's for help!  What will they do?",


Cheryl Perez: "mental Health Services are the reason there is SOME sanity in this world!",


Wendy Hoffman-Blank: "It is short-sighted to eliminate cost-effective services for a large number of clients becasue the result will be increased costs for hospitalization and law enforcement.  Many of the clients are on medications that a primary care 0physician would not prescribe.  Clients also receive support along with medication. They are assisted with housing, coping skills, employment etc. MHSA programs are not designed to handle large numbers and cannot replace outpatient services.  Also, it will not work to fund children's services and not adult services.  Children and families are affected by adult's mental health.",


Iris Rivera: "We need employment services because we all need to work to support our families and grow as persons.",


SINGH MANSFIELD: "It is important because I started working for Visions at the age of 18 in Sacramento, CA at first working with the mentally challenged seemed like a job I would never take seriously but then I realized it was meant for me. I loved my job enjoyed the members and realized that we need more companies like Visions and Turning Point so that we can help those who need it. Our jail and prison systems do not have the proper training nor do they have proper housing for the mentally challenged. These are people who can not help themselves and need help of qualifed workers who can help them through the daily grind of life.",


Gerry Dabi: "Cutting funds for Mental Health Services would be an ultimate disservice to the community.  Not only will patients be greatly impacted, but also the dedicated mental healthcare professionals who have established a rapport with their patients.  These professionals are not only there for the patients, but for the patient's families and caregivers. They are their to lend support, awareness, and many other intangibles that only bring a positive outlook for many of the patients.",


Chelsea Bagias: "With the services provided these clients are able to improve their lives which in turn decreases the county expenditure.",

Jeannette Wilson: "I live in South Sacramento CA, an impoverished area. If we do not provide mental health care to families, then many children will end up in the CPS system, their parents in jail or incapable of taking care of them. Please help!!",


Regena Ivory,sacto: "Because I have family memeber affected with mental issues and professional help is not affordable to some of them. We don't need people walk around street that would possibly be a danger to their families and other because they never got the help they need this service.",




Darlene Viggiano: "My patients need their mental health services, and the services that support them. Without them, many become suicidal, and among those, many have children.",


Joseph Serrano: "I urge our Board of Supervisors to stop cuts to mental health services because this may lead to more expensive consequences such as increased prison rates,  costs of hospitalizations,  homelessness and rise in cost",


Stephanie Griggs: "By cutting the Mental Health Services you are making a huge mistake.  So many families are going to be affected by your decision.  So many people are going to be without medication, services, support, & resources.  I plead with you to rethink your decision about cutting these services.",


Tonja Edelman: "Mental health is an integral part of Sacramento County's health care system. With a loss of funds for community programs, mental health consumers will again be primarily treated in emergency rooms and locked psychiatric facilities. These settings are far more expensive for the taxpayers of Sacramento County.","Please stop the short term planning on the backs of those with mental health issues. It's not only bad for mental health consumers and their families, but also for every taxpayer in the County."


Jo Ann"Jackson-Holt: "I am a volunteer with Senior Peer Counseling Mental Health Association in Sacramento. Every week for the last eight months I have visited older and elderly adults that need individualized help for mental health issues. Some may need only preventative measures like going to a Widows Support group. Others may need help getting the right medications from their doctors. These are low cost measures compared to institutionalizing these people. If you cut costs for prevention you will raise costs in the long run.",


David Brown: "I urge our Board of Supervisors to stop cuts to mental health services because this may lead to more expensive consequences such as increased prison rates,  costs of hospitalizations,  homelessness and rise in cost"


Anthony Hong: "Investing in mental health has been shown time and time again to save more money than the initial cost by preventing more severe outcomes, like emergency room visits, crime and crisis in general. So yes, please don't take any funding from mental health.",


Sorm En: "The cuts will only save ur on short term basis, but we are going to create much bigger problems if clt individuals don't get the help they need.Community-base services help maitain long term stability and prevent unecessary hosp or incarceration which could cost the county and state more.",

Cynthia Lopez: "I am worried and concerned as a citizen, a MFTI, and as a providor of mental health services. Please put people first.",

ArmandoSoria: "Please reconsider the devastating cuts!",


Michael Young: "It is criminal to leave 8,900 of the poorest, neediest and most deserving people of low cost or free mental health services without. DO NOT CUT ANY MORE FUNDS!


Natalie Parkinson: "Important for people with mental helath to be treated. It will cost more to hospitalize patients if they are not treated properly",

Shawn,Oliver: "We need to take care of those that can't take care of themselves, and prevent those that still can from becoming homeless or worse.",


LISA JUAREZ: "Stop cuts,our client's need RST services.",


Camille Cummins: "I believe by cutting funds to mental health it will cause an increase in under-staffed facilities, who are already over booked and no longer able to deticate meaningful service to the clients.",


Jessica Lindsey: "This economic crisis is increasing stress and causing an increase in mental breakdowns. Don't take funding from those who need it the most right now!",


Laurie Jones: "Let's not go back to the mistake of the Reagan years.  Mental health services are very cost-effective, not to mention more humane.  Most of the homeless have mental health issues, cause and effect; many are vets.  The measure of a civilization is how it takes care of its citizens who need help.",


JoAnn Anglin: "As we face increased economic and social stress, the effects of these will doubtless affect those already suffering from mental illness, and those on the edge.  Maintaining those support services is not a matter of charity, but of sustaining basic quality of life for all.",


Zohreh Whitaker: "It is all too apparent that our jails are filled with people whose mental illness has been intrumental in their bad choices.  Surely, had free mental care been provided and easily accessible, many would be living a productive lives.",


Joyce Bray: "Cutting funds for mental health services would be both counterproductive in terms of saving money, and show a lack of empathy for those who suffer among us.  Please vote on the side of practicality and compassion.",


MARCELLA LORFING: My son is mentally disabled (in another county) and needs mental health services. They are essential in every city, county and state. I urge our Board of Supervisors to stop cuts to mental health services because this may lead to more expensive consequences such as increased prison rates,  costs of hospitalizations,  homelessness and rise in cost"


Deni Marshall: "We don't need mentally ill adults on the streets, homeless and becoming a danger to themselves and others.",


Maija Lamberts: "The mentally ill in our communities continue to struggle more than any other populations in our society and still battle stigma second to no other illness.  Cutting the already meager services will do great harm to these patients, the families, and our communities!!  Please do NOT let this happen!",


Ron,"A lot of people speculate that cutting outpatient mental health services might increase costs overall. They needn't bother. Hard data exists. There is no doubt: these cuts *will* increase costs -- and *we'll* be the ones who pay."


Rima Trotter: "Mental Health is a growing issue nationwide, it would be an injustice to cut off services to those who truly cannot afford Mental Health care. The problems could be far reaching."


Cynthia Neuman: "Reducing funds for mental health services will only increase the need for expenditures in other areas (such as jail and police services).  Prevention is a more efficient form of expenditure than ""clean-up,"" and is better for people.",


Linda Brink-Eaton: "In the very short run, it looks like government would be saving money.  But soon thereafter the impact of letting a few thousand people in the Sacramento area go without mental healh services will be astronomical. The areas severly impacted would be the Treatment Center, Emergency rooms, Law Enforcement, jails and the Coroner's office, as well as local citizens and businesses.  Of course it almost goes without saying that it would be unconscionable to leave those thousands of mental health consumers and their families without prevention services. DON'T WAIT UNTIL WE HAVE TO RE-INVENT THE WHOLE SYSTEM AGAIN ONCE THINGS BECOME DIRE AND THE COMMUNITY DEMANDS ACTION.",


Parneet Singh: "Please don't take jobs away from innocent people. We all need to survive through these harsh times.",


Jerry Roth: "I believe that by trying to save money by not funding mental health services, you will be creating a larger problem both financially and in terms of human suffering. Please do the right thing and do not cut back funding in this critical area because it affects those most in need.",


Thomas Hushen: "Now, more than ever, we need to be able to provide outpatient mental health services in Sacramento. There are many people who are experiencing mental illness due to the severe state of our nation's economy. This is in addition to those already experiencing mental illness that rely on the County's Regional Service Teams and other vital agencies in order to continue treatment. Cutting these services will have a significant impact on Sacramento County and will displace thousands of client's. I strongly urge you to please consider the ramifications of the budget cutback on mental health services and allow these operations to continue to provide crucial services to the mentally ill population.",


Nancy Bui: We need to have PREVENTATIVE care for our most needy people in our County. Without preventative care, these people will end up in hurting themselves, people around them and end up in the emergency room where the costs to treat them are 10 times more expensive than if we helped them be productive members of our community through County clinics.It is VERY short sided to cut Mental Health Services to save a few dollars today, we'll end up paying a premium down the road.",


Candace Mcfarland: "Hope is the answer to our economic woes. We can survive and thrive if we replace fear with hope. We need our MH people to be well trained in PTSD because many people's fears are turning their lives into a trauma. Anger and fear need replacement in the souls of men and women. Love and compassion is the answer. Cut the prison funding and raise the mental health funding and see what a world we can be!",


Judy Kawamoto: As more veterans return from Iraq and Afghanistan, mental health services will be more needed than ever. Now is not the time to cut services; rather they should be increased.",


Carole Nutt: "Especially to Supervisor Don Nottoli who represents me.  I was dissapointed that you voted to close the C Street Clinic and now a vote to reduce mental health services would only cause even more problems.  It is hard enough now for the poorest of the poor to receive mental health services.  Creating more barriers by reducing service will have repercussions causing the county to spend even more on emergency care and incarceration.  Mental health is a real illness and people who are untreated wind up self medicating which in turn causes more severe homelessness and involuntary psychiatric hospitalizations which in turn costs the county more.  Don't be penny wise and pound foolish retain at least the same level of funding for mental health.",


RaMieya Harris,"Mental Health Services is a vital resource to multitudes with mental illnesses. This proposed buget cut will have tremendous consequences on, not only the individual who once benefited from such institution, but on society, taxpayers; as well as an increase in many other areas of public services.","Why take the chance??? Can we really pay the costs???"


Jessica Munoz:  "I urge our Board of Supervisors to stop cuts to mental health services because this may lead to more expensive consequences such as increased prison rates,  costs of hospitalizations,  homelessness and rise in cost"


Renae Klee, Nurse Practitioner: "United States","Cutting funding to mental health services to save money now will end up costing the county much more in the long run. Consider the financial costs of ER care, crisis care  and hospitalizations when patients can't access the psychiatric services and medications they need to stay stable.  Consider the social costs - increased drug and alcohol use for those who need to self-medicate if they can't get the care and medication they require; loss of workdays for those stable patients who are now productive, successful contributors to our economy - it's hard to work when you're sick and you can't get your medication.  Consider the increase in arrests and increased homelessness.  Don't let Oprah's follow-up show start with ""Sacramento's homeless problem has only gotten WORSE since we last visited - now that cuts to mental health services have caused even MORE people to be forced to live on the streets.""  Please do what is right for our community AND the County budget in the long run. Preserve mental health services for this very vulnerable segment of our population and ultimately SAVE the County of Sacramento lots of money."


Kathy Dotson:"United States","I just cannot wrap it around my brain that there could be nine thousand people with no meds walking the streets because eventually thats what it would come down to"

Socorro Padilla: "United States","the proposed budget cuts of mental health services because the reductions will undoubtedly cost the taxpayers far more; increased costs in public hospitals, emergency police calls, inappropriate utilization of emergency room services, involuntary psychiatric hospitalizations, the criminal justice system and Child Protection Services (CPS).",


Abby Bassett: "The patients served by the County Mental Health services require stable and consistent treatment in order to maintain optimal functioning within their families and the community.  If services are cut, it is highly likely that patients will become lost in the Primary Care system, and potentially end up in the ER's, jails or worse.  Please cut the budget somewhere that human lives are not at stake.  These individuals do the best they can with the help of the County system - please don't take away their support system - it will negatively effect the patients and our community as a whole.",


David Fisher:"These services provide steppng stones for mentally ill people.If these funds are cut, there will be about 9,000 mentally ill people wandering sacramento, with out care. These people deserve help!The people of our city need these resources! With out them the possibilty for crime, suicide, and the rise of substance abuse may increase. please do not cut funding! THese are the people of our city, and they need help!!!!",


Trevor Wallace:"You may have some idea how important mental health services are to the clients that we serve. Let me tell you that mental health consumers are desperate and the services that we provide are vital. Without these services oour clients may become a burden upon the CA courts and jail resources as a consequence of the lack of mental health services. Please be sympathetic to those most vulnerable in our community and maintain their services. Thank You. Trevor B. Wallace. Mental Health Services Coordinator


Edwina Barber: "I urge our Board of Supervisors to stop cuts to mental health services because this may lead to more expensive consequences such as increased prison rates, costs of hospitalizations, homelessness and rise in cost",


Samantha Winter:"Because I dont have insurance and I take an antidepressant that I need filled by a doctor. If I dont take it I get very moody, irritable , lazy, unmotivated. So what would I do ?","rise in costs"


Anita Gurin: "I am a Clinical Director of a non-profit serving a specialized population. All levels of counselors are working 50 hour weeks with little pay to serve extremely distressed people.  We have decreased psychiatric hospitalizations, homeless, depression, ensured medication availability, and worked to increase sanity in the world in all areas, including financial. This matters.","Please contact me if you would like more information."


Laurie Ferns: "Mental health services must not be cut any further. To cut such services is a short-term answer that we will ALL pay for in the future - we will pay financially and in terms of an increase in violence in our society and disservice to Sacramento's children, adults, and families.",


Raymond  Brophy: "I am one of those that this cut back would affect. If I were to loose the services I am receiving now I would be at risk of being placed in a psychiatric hospital as these services help me live a normal life. I implore you to reconsider there are so many other areas for revenue generation. Even I would be happy to entertain a sales tax hike to keep these services going.",


John Stumpf "The care of our Citizens with mental help problems is the base line of a safe community.No group of people needs our help and support more then this  Segment of Sac.",


Joseph Dopson:"One of the most important things that the government does is to provide help to those who are unable to help themselves. Please help keep these services available; it could mean the difference between life and death for many of Sacramento's most needy citizens.",


Lisa Sexton: "Cutting Mental Health Services would cause a lot of people to not get the help they need.",

Cassandra Luera: "United States","I have family members that are dependent to receiving Mental Health Services and are functioning


Terra Skirvin: "I think is is extremely important to have proper funding for metal health services for the mentally ill as well as employees. I have personal experience with the mentally ill in my family and knowing the financal hardship in this economy sadens me.",


Paul Noss:"I can't imagine what my family would have done without the support of community mental health services.  The services have supported us throughout my twin sister's mental illness and helped us get her stabilized.  The services have reduced her use of crisis services and given us hope again.  Please do not cut these important services!",


ANET THIEL,"Elk; "The more limited the mental health services are in the community, the more emergency hospital visits are required and incarcerations, due to increase of symptoms and lack of support. I was part of an intensive case managment team/program that reduced recitivism rates by 67% utilizing one-stop services and intensive case management...but the county cut the program due to lack of funds...let's look at the big picture people...where are we spending the money...35,000 a year for one prisoner or use this money to assist ten individuals become more independent and stable!!!! Jail for mental illness still doesn't work support/case management does!!!!",


Shannon,Tarter: "I have been deeply troubled by the ongoing promises of significant funding reductions for the few programs that actually support clients that live on the fringes of society. These clients have not chosen to have mental health disabilities therefore they cannot choose to make them disappear. Instead they look to our services to be their beacon of light to support them to reach stability so they too can enjoy a productive life. Without these services many transitional age youth will remain unstable and further burden our system for decades to come. We have a chance to support them now. They want the services. They want to improve their lives. We can find a solution that does not take away the lifeline to the county's most vulnerable.",


Kim Simon: "We are funding a new parking garage for our airport...And cutting Mental Health Services... furthering burdening our community with people looking for mental recovery.  How can they obtain this goal , when there is no one to support them and encourage and guide them in securing drs, medications, housing and income. But we got new funding for an airport parking garage...",



Steve Lefler: "Without adequate funding for outpatient mental health services the number of homeless people in Sacramento county will rise dramatically (blowing away the 10 year plan to end homelessness) as well as the number of incarcerations. The demands on the already over-capacity SCMHTC will increase dramatically creating an even larger financial shortfall. The amount of money it takes to provide days worth of outpatient services is equal to 1 (one) night in the treatment center. How does it make sense to create an even higher demand for an already over-burdened and VERY expensive solution such as hospitalization."


David J.Hanks: "I believe that if they make cuts in Mental Health funding in Sacramento, County it will make the organizations that are available that much more crowded and un-able to get help to the individuals who need help and especially those who are not even aware they need help and/or have just given up. There are a lot of people who won't seek treatment for the simple reasons of over-crowding or having to wait months just to see a Doctor. As it is now a lot of people avoid help for these reasons. Surly, cutting funding for Mental Health should not even be close to be considered for cuts in funding.","I was homeless for 14 years, so I know how important and instrumental Mental Health services are. I have never in my 14 years of homelessness came across a city where intervening with concerned people was so available and instrumental for a person to be moving foward, becoming a law abiding citizen, responsible, and can actually see light at the end of the tunnel. I hope all these issues I have mentioned have been addressed by the appropiate people. Sincerly yours, David J. Hanks"


Kelli Evans: "Mental Health services have suffered through decades of funding cuts. Statistics show the overwhelming results of the outpatient services saving the county money.  Who gets to decide that mental health is a lesser service needed by our community?  Why is this even an issue?  So, taxpayers should pay more taxes for minimal services and 'band-aide' type treatment! Like going to the ER for a shot of Ativan? No!!  WE should pay for services which are proven and effective to assist our community with the treatment of people with psychiatric disabilities.  Before these cuts are made, the statistics should be considered.  The people in our community rely on these services.  Their well-being is as valuable as yours and mine.  I urge you to consider all of the comments given in this petition.  If this was YOUR; mother, father, sister, brother,  how would you vote?",


Gabriel Aiello: "Rights for all = Not cutting funding for health care.","We clearly understand that something must be done to solve the the budget problem, but this does not mean the County needs to turn its back on individuals and family members affected by the disabling effects of mental illness.  We implore you to do everything in your power to stop the budget cuts of mental health services."


Linda Pulido: "Please do not cut funding in the mental health area.  Without this services person that are in dire psych services end up in our prison system.  Which in the long run cost us more money. I strongly feel we must keep this service open to help those at time that they can be help before it reaches a hopeless situation for them and us.  Linda Pulido",


Cathy,Burnett: "The mentally ill are already underserved in our city. Cuts will lead to more homeless people in danger on our city streets instead of making progress towards recovery in a mental health treatment center.",


Carol Allen:"I urge our Board of Supervisors to stop cuts to mental health services because this may lead to more expensive consequences such as increased prison rates,  costs of hospitalizations,  homelessness and rise in cost"


Mark Hopkins: "In my work with Jail Psychiatric Services, I already see the impact of individuals that do not receive mental health care. There is an expectation that we will become busier because we will see more untreated individuals come into custody.",


Shirley Telep: "I have been a mental health professional for the last 12 years and have watched the declining level of mental health functioning of families in Sacramento county as the economy has worsend. This has directly impacted parents ability to parent their children, and as a result children are suffering.  Please don't cut these vitally needed services at a time when they are so desparately needed to help these children and their families survive these difficult economic times.",


Nancy White: "Board of supervisors please look at the cost that can be saved. I work in the Sacramento Jail system. We work with the mentally ill in prison whose judgement/behavior and decision makingis faulty. They do well on medications and with a person or people for support, but will not be able to continue their medicatioons or therapy to teach them/  role model/and advocate for them if the budget for them is cut. They will be usung more money if they go to jail/prison/or psychiatric hospitals then for RST's and other resources which already have waiting lists. Please re,member they can be functioing members of society if on mediactions. Most mental illnesses are biologically based which makes them phsically ill. Are cuts in serious medical care being cut simarly?",


David Schroeder: "When the services are cut the county will be in violation of the Omstead Act and open to being sued. With no services provided more of our comunity will end up seeking sevices in the Jail or the treatment center which will cost more money. Or they will end up dead and the Board of Supervisors will be directly responsable for those deaths. I just wish we could hold the county accountable",


Erin Ahern: "Cutting funding for mental health services is not good long term planning for a healty community.",


Amy Green: "The mental health services that WE providers offer ARE making a difference in the lives of the client/patient and the community. If these services were taken away, where would that leave everyone... with unmanaged mental conditions on the streets and in our neighborhoods, no where to treat them, and no one to even give a diagnosis that will matter because there is no care to offer them or their families.",


Diane Lucas: "As a family member, I have experienced the direct coorelation between reducing funding and reducing services.  We cannot afford to reduce community services further.  By doing so, we simply increase the cost of emergency services to this population.",


Russell Lim: "As a former Medical Director of Northgate Point RST for five and one half years, I support the continued operation of the RST'S. These clinics are the only thing between thousands of patient's and the county's inpatient mental health services.  Closing the RST's is a penny wise pound foolish idea, as it would result in cost shifting, from outpatient care, which is inexpensive, and inpatient, which is very expensive.  This is not to mention the indirect costs of higher law enforcement involvement with mentally ill patients.The County needs the safety net that the RST's provide.","Type any additional comment (optional).  I urge our Board of Supervisors to stop cuts to mental health services because this may lead to more expensive consequences such as increased prison rates,  costs of hospitalizations,  homelessness and rise in cost"


Geneva Bechtel: "We have an overwhelming amount of people needing psychiatric patients in the Sacramento area.  Cutting Mental services would jeopardize the safety of patients, their children, and society. Many of our patients have children, that are already at risk of being removed from their families.  Patients would flood the ER rooms in crisis situations.",


Yvonne Herbert: "I have suffered from mental illness for 17 years.  Without the help of NAMI, my voice would not be heard.  There is a stigma that goes along with mental illness.  Organizations that help the mentally ill also help us to have other persons to relate to, so we don't feel alone.  There is superb training, both on recovery and pharmaceuticals that has helped managing my illness be easier.  Please do not cut our budget.  We have so little money as it is.  If you cut any more, we will cease to exhist...not only programs, but we as a subset of the community.  Our voice will be extinguished.",


Janice Massie: "I urge the BOS to examine the actual costs of eliminating outpatient services for mental health clients. I am the parent of a transition-age youth that currently receives medication management from Sacramento County. Without his medication, he becomes actively psychotic and paranoid. He is mentally impaired and his judgement and reactions are not the same as when he receives his medication. He wants to stay sane! Law enforcement does not understand that my son is not in his right mind, all they see is a crazy man acting irrational and possibly dangerous. My son is more a danger to himself than others! And, he is not the only person in our county who will be affected this way if he does not receive the help he so desperately needs! You will be paying for his emergency hospitalization! You will be paying for his incaration! Why not pay for his medication in the first place? I am asking as a parent and family member for you to reconsider the decision to cut these needed services.Thank you, Janice Massie",


Kiah Semion: "I am currently an intern at a mental health agency that receives funds from the county.  Area agencies have been doing a remarkable job offering innovative and affective services to a diverse client population.  The long term impact of cutting mental health service funds, and the affect it will have on the workers and clients, is unfathomable.",


Teressa Dane: "I am a family member and a mental health support worker and I know and see first hand what the impact of cuts like these can and will do to a population that so desperatly needs these services.  Why would you cut funds from the people who need it the most? I urge the BOS to carefully reconsider cutting any mental health services.",


Marintha Iverson: "Due to a cut in county funding I have been asked to terminate clients who have not finished their 10 county approved sessions.  This is an abomination - imagine facing people who are in dire need and informing them that there is no longer funding for them to continue therapeutic services.",

Tabetha Otterson: "This petition is important 2 me cause im a client,and its inportant for these services to stay.",


Guohua Xia: "Mental health is an essential part of the community well-being. The budget cutting not only removed the support and will also worse the stigma on mental disease when more mental patients were put into jail or hospital and create another set of cost, which could be much higher than out patient service. Please, NO CUT to mental health service!!!","Mental patient are vulnerable and need more care not pressure. Decreased service will lead to more social problem which is preventable."


Mark Sussman: "As one of the manager's of the mental health program at the main jail, I am concerned about the effects the proposed cuts to mental health programs will have on law enforcement and the increased number of mentally ill patients that will end up in jail due to poor access to mental health care in the community.  It's quite probable that cutting mental health services will be more expensive, in both the short and long run, than figuring out how to keep these services in place.  Incarceration, court costs, state hospitalization, law enforcement and emergency personnel time, and increased hospitalization at the Mental Health Center and local psychiatric hospitals will add up quickly if this most needy population is neglected.","I urge the Board of Supervisors to consider these issues before cutting these critically needed mental health services utilized by our most vulnerable citizens."


Denise Colter: "Why is this issue important to you? I have a dear friend who has benefitted from care from the County Health Department.","Type any additional comment (optional).  I urge our Board of Supervisors to stop cuts to mental health services because this may lead to more expensive consequences such as increased prison rates,  costs of hospitalizations,  homelessness and rise in cost"


Eleanor Sicad: "Turning Point:Northgate and clinics like it assists those with low incomes with mental health.  This is a place of wellness!  At one time, I had been hospitalized in a mental hospital for 10-days...I don't want to repeatedly go there for my mental illness, manic depression/bi-polar.The medication I take, Lithium ER, has been working for me along with follow-ups.  Services here at Turning Point:Northgate and places like it are like out-patient therapy/counseling.","I urge our Board of Supervisors to stop cuts to mental health services because this may lead to more expensive consequences such as increased prison rates, costs of hospitalizations, homelessness, and rise in cost."


Alexis Davidson: "Preventative care is generally more cost effective than treatment. Access to approriate medications and therapy will prevent many people from needing treatment after some harm has come to them or others as well and reducing the potential for harm to others and a need for treatment."


Audrey Edwards: "I am a school nurse and I can tell you that the need for mental health services is huge. Treatment options for parents are the only hope for these children; who also need mental health services due to no fault of their own. I constantly refer parents to mental health services offered; and when the parent is not receptive often we turn to CPS to be sure help is gotten.",


Elizabeth Pine: "These funds are very important to the development of many programs that are vital to improving the lives of mentally ill individuals",

TheresaDilworth: "Due to the economic situation, I believe that services will be needed more than ever.  If you don't want the mentally ill hanging around your street corners and your stores I urge you to reconsider.  Not only that, but as a society we who are entitled shoud assumer part of the responsibility of helping each other.  We need to take more responsibility.  It could very well be a memeber of your own family",


EB Brauer: "I have been mentally ill for most of my life. Thankfully, I have been able to support myself for most of this time, but I am now disabled. I pay my taxes, including property taxes, and I expect my tax dollars to be used WISELY. Decreasing mental health funding is foolish and short-sighted.","PLEASE do not contribute to the rise in MH issues by cutting critical Sac County services to the least among us. Please demonstrate your commitment to our citizens by maintaining these services during times of economic distress. NOW is the time to provide people with the support they need as they lose their jobs, their homes, their health insurance. Cutting mental health services undercuts other non-mental health services. It can contribute to increased homelessness, increased crime, increased hospitalization, increased court costs and increase protective services for children.


Sarah Sleppy: "In times of crisis, as our economy is in right now, people need mental health services more than ever. Removing funds for these services is to do a MAJOR disservice to the public. We should be INCREASING funds to further expand the services available to help our community and our country recover in such a time of stress.",


Claudia Sandoval: "As a person that suffers from depression we need mental health services. Since i've used mental health services i've been doing great, I know have a full time job and my home life is more stable. Please don't take away what's working for so many of us.","I urge our board of supervisors to stop cuts to mental health services because this may lead to more expensive consequences such as increased prison rates, costs of hospitlaizations, homelessness and rise in cost."


Paul Ferrari: "I have a cousin currently utilizing an RST services. Without their support he was homeless and not taking his medication. With their support he is now more stable, has a place to live, and is taking his medication regularly and even working part time. The potential loss of these services concerns me that he will again be unstable, and living on the streets.","I urge our Board of Supervisors to stop cuts to mental health services because this may lead to more expensive consequences such as increased prison rates,  costs of hospitalizations,  homelessness and rise in cost of emergency personnel including police and emergency rooms."


Laurie Ferrari: "This issue is important to me because I am working with families who will be directly impacted by these proposed cuts. I work with children in mental health whose parents are receiving services that you are proposing to cut. Cutting those services will cause intended further harm to the children I serve. Without these services, their parents will likely decompensate and loose their stability. This will cause further hardship on the families and is likely to have the unintended consequence of increasing CPS involvement, ER admissions, and increase substance abuse.","Further budget cuts of mental health services will undoubtedly cost the taxpayers far more in increased costs in public hospitals, emergency police calls, inappropriate utilization of emergency room services, involuntary psychiatric hospitalizations, the criminal justice system and Child Protection Services (CPS). If the goal of Sacramento County is to do more with less during times of economic hardship, cutting funds for mental health services during difficult economic times is counterproductive."


William Cook: "My son is autistic and I moved to California because of the opportunities my son can have here.",


Jeanette Isakson: "Type any additional comment (optional).  I urge our Board of Supervisors to stop cuts to mental health services because this may lead to more expensive consequences such as increased prison rates,  costs of hospitalizations,  homelessness and rise in cost"


Ari R. Kolman: "Sacramento County  Board of Supervisors MUST abandon plans to cut funding to people who receive community-based mental health services through the Sacramento County Department of Mental Health.","What’s wrong with the Government allowing this to happen here, this is Another Disgusting Example of Undemocratic Government & Big Business Corruption, wasteful spending, discrimination and Crimes against Humanity & Animal!!”. AS WELL AS GOVERNMENTS TAKING FROM THE POOR AND GIVING TO THE RICH AND THEMSELVES. Ridiculous Unconstitutional Pork barrel Policy Twisting Environmental Hazard Oil Fanatics!! We Will All Distribute This Page to Big Media and Start Letting those “Useless Talking Heads on TV News” know what’s really worth reporting to the world… Useless they are because who knows if they even know about this? But if they did, they should Report it as we will also through our blogs.. … I’m sickened and disgusted. I’m sickened and disgusted. I’m sickened and disgusted. I’m sickened and disgusted. I’m sickened and disgusted. I’m sickened and disgusted. I’m sickened and disgusted. I’m sickened and disgusted. I’m sickened and disgusted. ."

Terri Warner: "I work for Turning Point Community Programs where we help people suffering from mental illness on a daily basis obtain much needed services. We help people with housing issues, medical issues (both medical and psychiatry), nutrition, family and overall wellness goals. We help these folks with employment and keep them functioning in society - a society that, at times, turns the other cheek to those suffering from mental illness. Funding for our program is critical to our community and to individuals and families impacted by mental illness - which is everyone. Please do not cut funds for mental health services.",


Marleen Goff: "Mental health services, almost without exception, are those which get cut each time there is a budget problem.  This cannot continue!","Marleen Goff"


Maria Guevara: "please do not cut funds for mental health. there is so many people in need,not only adults but there is chlidren in need of help. what will happen to the familys that have loved one with mental health. Are they going to house tham in a convalesent home and have the eldery get abused and or killed by someone with mental problems.with out the help we are going to see a larger crimes out on the streets and inocent people getting hurt.and any one with mental illness will get abused and hurt if not killed.So please do not cut funds so many people need help.",


Douglas Harding: "The costs of mental health services are much smaller than the costs to the community without these services.  Without appropriate care, people will fall off their medications resulting in increased hospital and prison costs.  Our society should be formed on caring for those who can't care for themselves, not on what we want to pay for.",


Carol Stallworth: "I work for a mental health agency, and have seen what an important impact these services have.  Many fewer hospitalizations and reduced use of emergency services, in addition to an increased ability for individuals to make a positive contribution to society.",


Claudia Tapia Guerrero: "As a psychologist, I firmly bleieve that mental health needs budget! Mental health prevention will reduce other costs!"


Nancy Yavrom: "Why do we want to pretend that those with mental illness issues don't exist?  Why do we want to relegate them to needless suffering?  How can we ignore the pain and helplessness of their families?  Mental health is something everybody struggles with at one time or another -- consider stress and how you handle it.  Do you get angry and have to make a physical display in order to gain control?  Is that mental healthiness?  Or is that just a more common way of dealing with the difficult so it is accepted?  Who has never been depressed in their life?  Just because it didn't turn into a chronic condition doesn't make you better than the person who does end up having to endure the prolonged sufferings of depression because the mental health system does not want to recognize it and help treat it.  This is particularly true of the elderly.  By limiting funds, you limit what can be done for people.",


Darby Patterson: "Cutting mental health services will most certainly result in increased cost to the healthcare system and to county law enforcement. Even more important is the human toll in which thousands of people will go untreated for serious metal illness that causes dangers to themselves and to society. I urge you to be both compassionate and farsighted. Actively oppose any proposed changes to Prop 63 funds.",


Carol Grant: "People who have a mental illness have many barriers to managing their lives. The services provided by the MHSA funds are critical to thier health and well being. Please consider very carefully cutting the mental health budget.",


Cordia Wade: "Realize the entire country, state and county are facing financial hardships, but we can't afford to cut vitally needed mental health services.",


Heather Wagers: "Who else will look after our children?  Who will help them with life trauma, depression, suicidal ideation, homicial ideation, gang intervention, drug treatment and abuse at home?"


Kathryn Curry: "I am an administrator at an elementary school.  We need to address the needs of the children in order to remove barriers to learning.  With adequate support, student have more chance at becoming academically proficient.",


Olga Cisneros-Cruz: " I urge our Board of Supervisors to stop cuts to mental health services because this may lead to more expensive consequences such as increased prison rates,  costs of hospitalizations,  homelessness and rise in cost"


A.,Morales: "Please do not cut budgets for Mental Health Programs.  This would devastate our society and in the long run cost more.  Our mentally ill citizens will end up dead or in jail...this is unjust and unconstitutional.. I PRAY!!  Thank You!!!",


Enrique,Alvarez: "I my self do not know what to do where to go who to get help from and scared to ask because cause I am  tired of being turned away I found out about this services though my son counselor cause of disorder allot of people need the help that do not know to or ask",


Oscar Saenz: "I believe that supporting people with developmental dissabilities we could have a happier society and we will help the dissable population to live their life the way they disere and where they wish to reside. Love and compasiiotn it is not expensive, grid is.",


Carol,Allen: "Carol Allen I have been working in the MENTAL HEALTH CULTURE for over a decade and I am optimistic about the success of this petition. There are so many families that will be adversely affected if the proposed cuts are effected, so with much prayer and much love because love is an action we are collecting signatures and with great expectations.",


Elisa Duke: "Being American is about having a voice, and about protecting the life piberty and happiness of individuals. How, then, can we eliminate the voice and needs of the weakest and call ourselves good citizens? Social responsibility is a founding concept, and we must speak out for those who can't speak up for themselves.","""First They Came""First they came for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up, because I wasn’t a Communist. Then they came for the sick, the so-called incurables, and I didn't speak up, because I wasn't mentally ill. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up, because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for me, and by that time there was no one left to speak up for me. -Pastor Martin Niemöller ""Speak up for the people who have no voice,  for the rights of all the down-and-outers. Speak out for justice!  Stand up for the poor and destitute!"" -


Alena Bhagirath: "This is important for me because I believe that through recreation therapy we are able to help children and all indviduals with minimal usage of medication.  Also, we are providing a service that is well needed throughout the United States.",




Favia Cruz: "This issue is very important because the life and well-being of many individuals, families with a member or members with MH issues, and children is at serious risk.  The result can only be chaos break-down of quality of services, and meltdown of what this county has stood for for many years.  The consequences for this breakdown falls on those who are given the power to exercise what is right for the people at large and not for personal gain.  The result is an insult to those in power who have poorly managed funds alloted to run the State.  Thus; those in possition should be held accountable for the breakdown in providing for the safety and well-being of the people. Mental health care is not a luxury, it is a state of being, a holistic state of being that must not be tampered with or changed.",


Clare Merris: "At times of high stress, mental health needs go up. If those that need help, or simply someone to listen, have no where to turn then other types  of outlets or behaviors are taken. These other outlets can be harmful to the individual and to society. If anything, we need to increase mental health services at this time. A well organized effort can aid both the individual and communities. I urge you to think outside the box, and instead of voting for cuts, reorganize to optimize services and pull in volunteers.",


Julia Merris-Coots: "Individuals with mental health needs are among our most vulnerable citizens.  When their needs go unmet everyone around them is negatively affected; children, spouses, parents, siblings and neighbors. Cutting mental health funding will only result in additional and potentially more costly problems like homelessness, increased crime, hospitalization and or possible incarceration.  Don't pull the rug out from under these people.  Keep the current funding for mental health programs and services in place.",


Josephine Simmah: "Is this means we were misled that the stimulus money would help save mental health services? The consequences of going backwards on mental health services would have disastrous consequences for both the people who depend on the services and tax payers. I urge our Board of Supervisors to act soon to stop these cuts.",


May Nieman: "This issue is vital to me because not only am I in the senior category (71 yrs old), but I volunteer at a local Peer Counseling Service Center and see what the seniors, ages, 87 and 89 yr olds, have to deal with.  It's not a pretty picture.  This funding is CRUCIAL to ALL aging citizens throughout our country.","PLEASE RE-CONSIDER making any more cuts to this funding of our seniors' resources!!!"


S.Griffiths: "First of all, you simply cannot take away what little these people have.  They depend on these services and it is literally life or death situations much of the time.  Additionally, people will lose their jobs, myself included.  When these people are not able to get the help they need and end up in emergency rooms and jails, who will pick up the tab for that?  We've all seen how this goes before.  It costs less to care for them now, rather than let them suffer and pay later.",


Linda Geissinger: "I urge you to NOT cut mental health funds. The impact will be devastating to the community, especially those most in need and least able to help themselves.",


Rene Miller: "This issue is important to me because right now I am reciving mental health services at Northgate Point RST and the doctor I am seeing he is leaving and now I dont have a doctor because of the budget cuts,",


Linda Savarese: "Mental health care is essential in any commnity.....there are many other wasteful areas that should be cut.",


Donna Salisbury: "County mental health services have improved life for my non-criminal, mentally ill adult son.  The psychiatry, medicine, and board and care help he now receives have stopped his use of homeless services, stopped the use of expensive police intervention and detainment, stopped community fear and discomfort when he was delusional and off meds.  This saves the county and state money.  Mental health services are cost effective, as well as humanitarian.",


Betty Blackman: "Well i am a patient through adult access team please dont take money or services away from us we need all the resources we can get.  you should give mental health services an increase if anything but thats just my opinon thanks for reading",


Jeremy Sundby: "My mother is mentally ill and needs the help from the county.  Mental health needs an increase. Don't disenfranchise those in need.",


Christopher Davis: "Due to the stressful impact of the worsening economy on American families, mental health services must not be cut. Mental health services should be a top priority especially in these times, and should be funded adequately to meet the rising needs of those in need of help.",


Michele Ianni: "My son is 9 years old. It has been 2 years of pleading with the school just to get my son an IEP. On 6-2-09 he is finally getting one. It was 11-08 when he got his 504 plan. No child left behind????? He has ADHD Bipolor, and is even getting tossed to the back seat by ACCESS at this moment,(I just got off the phone with them). He knows he needs help, he cry's for help. please make sure this state can listen to the  voices that sometimes can't speak for themselves. Give my son a good chance to a healthy normal life, maybe even your son, or someone you love. If we don't speak for them, who will?????",


Alden Hunter: "I work in the Mental Health field and have a great knowledge of the impact cuts will have on the public. There is a large number of the population that currently receive and depend on various services, but moreso, with the current economic status and times more people are in need now than ever.","I urge our Board of Supervisors to stop cuts to mental health services because this may lead to more expensive consequences such as increased prison rates,  costs of hospitalizations,  homelessness and rise in cost"


Rachel Paul: "Without  Mental Health Services I dont know where my mom would be right now, more than likely living out on the streets. If anything we need to provide more services to the Mentally Ill. More cuts only mean more people will be suffering with out access to the proper care they need to live normally.","I urge the Board of Directors to stop making cuts to Sacramento's Mental Health Services. I belive it will lead to more and more people becomming chronicly homeless."


ANNETTE TURNBOW: "Every time the Government cuts cost in Mental Health Services and other needed services the chance of increasing costs in another area triples...So, it would seem to me that you wouldn't quit your job if all of your debts exceeded your income...You get a better job or you take a second job...therefore my dear elected officials--Do the job you were elected to do and fix the problem and Stop creating more problems by pretending that taking funds from one needed area and throwing them into another will solve the fiscal problems that we all created...Let's be better at what we all is my opinion that leaders should lead and stop following each other around with the same theory--Problems do not fix themselves, if you were a student your instructor's would have failed you by now---so, if you want to be politicians and you know how to be one then perhaps you should do what the people elected you to do and find an answer that creates revenue rather than begs Peter to pay Paul for the funds that Mary needs to keep the sanity of all three. We are all good people trying to do the right thing---Do the right thing---Do not cut funding to Mental Health Services....I have a family member that depends on these services, don't put him back in the streets with no hope of getting the care he needs to keep him well, functioning, working and paying taxes like the rest of us good tax paying citizens.Thanks for reading this and please consider all of the damage that these cuts can cause...Thanks, Annette Turnbow",


Colleen Richards: "This is important to me because, A lot of my friends and family have Mental Health issues and more people than you know need our help with their issues, Please don't cut any more programs.",


?: "The quality of our future government is going to choose from a workforce that will most likely include those individuals suffering from mental illness.  If we keep up our old habits and try to ignore this sector within our community, then our developing governance wil merely reflect and perpetuate existing flaws that really do hurt people.""Work on these issues now, before these disorders ""blossom"" and make the news of who died and how close to home such tragedy occurred."


Michael Sale: "I would not want your job making these decisions but along with children, the people effected by reducing these funds to a draconian level are the most vulnerable in the world- vulnerable to others on the street in the most cruel possible ways.  Please protect them.",


J,Creare: "Please help us and be part of the solution instead of harming us...please don't cut funds!  At least think about it before stabbing us in the gut with what feels like class warfare.",


Bennie Shaw: "I urge our Board of Supervisors to stop cuts to mental health services because this may lead to more expensive consequences such as increased prison rates,  costs of hospitalizations,  homelessness and rise in cost"


Krystle Plant: " I urge our Board of Supervisors to stop cuts to mental health services because this may lead to more expensive consequences such as increased prison rates,  costs of hospitalizations,  homelessness and rise in cost"


Dorothy Dixon: "When a member of your family suffers from mental illness it is imperative that they can get professional help for a loved one. The loss of funding can cause the loss of life when a despondent person cannot get help. Please, please continue to fund this necessary service","I urge our Board of Supervisors to stop cuts to mental health services because this may lead to more expensive consequences such as increased prison rates,  costs of hospitalizations,  homelessness and rise in cost"


Stephanie Comfort: "Many who aren't able to receive mental health care - miss work, aren't able to keep a job without proper care, and many will be applying for unemployment as well as Welfare. Ultimately our economy and society will be furthur damaged."


David Akpe: "Please stop ware housing metally ill people in instutions. We need more programs aid metally ill people come out of state and county hospitals and instutions.",


Joel Canterberry: "Mental Health Care or lack thereof, is one of the leading causes to self-medication/drug abuse and results in families in crises and homelessness and the end cost to the tax payer is enormous, cutting the funds for access only acerbates the cost to society, it does nothing to save money in the short or long term. I therfore support not suspending mental health care funding. It makes no sense or dollars not to.",


Deborah Womack: "please don't cut mental health services son is scizophranic and what little somewhat normal life he could live depends on it. besides the lives it will affect in all aspects we could have more people ending up with more depression due to the fact they are already over whelmed with greif work losing jobs ect.................please don't make cuts in mental health..",


Amber and family: "While providing daily care for people whom were mentally challenged,i gained  a new  respect for their illness. for most i couldn't even imagine them going out into our society, working a regular 9 to 5 without first having gone through some of the wonderful programs northern California offers. i have witnessed patients who could barley perform activities of daily living grow to be productive, self supporting members of society. PLEASE rethink cutting funds and think hard on alternate solutions....what would this cut do to the people whom get up every day and strive a bit harder, because these programs are their hope at living a normal life. Have you (board members) considered  the repercussions that the participants of these programs, along with the general public would suffer? increase in crime rate, there is no need to add to the already high prison population, ironically most of the population suffering with some form of mental illness.more drug addictions, more broken homes ect...what would this cut do to our homeless rate? (I believe it would increase dramatically) If we(the public) can take time to sign this petition then we've got time to volunteer more than just a comment, get involved.....donate time,services products, ask how you can lend a hand in keeping the funding in place. thank you for your time, sincerely, amber and family.",


Sheena Gunst: "I am currently suffering from mental illness & stoll need a proper diagnosis & treatment",


Carole Fried: All communities need good mental health facilities. Without accessible services, we all lose. Someday it could be you, or somebody you love, that will need services that just may make all the difference.",


Name not displayed: "We cannot afford to increase the number of untreated mentally ill people in our community. I acknowledge money is limited, and would like to see some kind of reasonable i.e., nonpolitical, re-examination of community priorities so that we are spending available budget in the most important areas first" 


David Blanton: "every one needs a chance to be free and to live in the least restrictive place. when you cut this fundding where do all these people go. It cost more to house the ill in locked facilities then it dose to allow them to live on there own".


Kristofer Juett: "My mother suffers from mental illness and due to funding cuts has not been able to receive adequate treatment. Before her illness she held a job for over 12 years as secretary for a local church and when healthy can be an active participant in society. However without proper treatment she can not care for herself"


Alan Springwind: "My Son would not be alive today if it were not for Sacramento County Mental Health Services. He has much support from his family also, but not everyone does. For many with mental health issues SCMHS is the only place to turn. The other options are jail, the hospital or deah "


Lonon Smith: "It is always going to be easier to cut funds from people least able to defend themselves. Education gets cut; health facilities get cut; rapid transit gets cut. And who doesn't lose money? People with sufficient money to protect themselves. This is coincidental, I'm sure, since no moral person would kick already struggling people while they are down"


RQ Bella: It is more important than ever to provide a safety net of care for those facing challenges today. We need more effective and efficient use of funds for Mental Health Services, not less funding. I urge you to commit to the community and keep services available to those who need it most"

Hector Medero: I'm an SSI recipient because of mental health problems and I'm thinking of moving to Sacramento in the early fall. I'm moving from New York City because i need to be in a more stable and quiet environment. please don't make it any more unstable for me and my recovery. Thank you. Hector Medero

Molly Ferrell: "Too many folks in need-- what will they do? Mental health services are vital for a healthy, progressive community"