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Online Continuing Education Resources from provides online continuing education courses for mental health professionals, including psychologists, social workers, mental health counselors, school counselors, marriage and family therapists, addiction professionals, EAPs, psychiatric nurses, physicians, and others who meet the needs of those with mental health concerns.
Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
B8005-B04*10 Online Credits for Only $8010Web$80.00
B8002-B04*15 Online Credits for Only $10515Web$105.00
B7902-B04Adolescent Girls: Development and Treatment Issues2Web$16.00
B1010-B04Alcohol Problems in Intimate Relationships: Identification and Intervention6Web$45.00
B1014-B04Brief Strategic Family Therapy for Adolescent Drug Abuse5Web$40.00
B3007-B04Domestic Violence: Intimate Partner Abuse7Web$49.00
B1206-B04Guidelines for Alzheimer's Disease Management4Web$32.00
B1407-B04PTSD: Part 1 - Differential Diagnosis; Malingering; The Culture of PTSD3Web$24.00
B7502-B04Supervision: Clinical Supervision - Principles and Practice5Web$40.00
B4901-B04Therapist’s Guide to Brief Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)7Web$56.00
A1520-A42Treatment Techniques in Child Psychotherapy3Web$24.00

Abuse and Domestic Violence

Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
B3301-B04Animal Abuse and Youth Violence2Web$24.00
B6001-A15Domestic Violence1Web$12.00
B3008-B04Domestic Violence: Counseling Clients Involved with Violent Intimate Partners2Web$24.00
A1513-A42Focus on Child Sexual Abuse2Web$24.00
B2801-B04Transgenerational Trauma and Child Sexual Abuse1Web$12.00


Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
B1008-B04Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment: Interview with Howard A. Liddle, EdD1Web$12.00
B5101-B04Bad Boys: Sexual Addiction or Entitlement?1Web$15.00
B1015-B04Brief CBT in the Treatment of Substance Abuse4Web$48.00
B1020-B04Brief Strategic / Interactional Therapies in the Treatment of Substance Abuse1Web$12.00
C101-A10Chemical Dependency: A Systems Approach16Book$125.00
B1021-B04Motivation and Treatment Interventions2Web$24.00
B1011-B04Motivational Enhancement Therapy and CBT for Adolescent Marijuana Users7Web$80.00
B5406-B04Motivational Interviewing as a Counseling Style1Web$0.00
B1003-A16Treating Chemically Dependent Families - Part 1: Principles of the Family Systems Approach3Web$40.00
B1004-A16Treating Chemically Dependent Families - Part 2: Tools and Techniques of the Systems Approach3Web$40.00
B1005-A16Treating Chemically Dependent Families - Part 3: Guidelines for Practicing the Systems Approach3Web$40.00


Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
B112-A17ADHD: Assessment of ADHD in Adulthood1Web$12.00
B1105-B04ADHD: Diagnosis and Treatment1Web$12.00
B111-A14ADHD: Diagnostic Criteria and Evaluation1Web$12.00
B1106-B04Strength-Based Mental Health Counseling for Children with ADHD1Web$12.00


Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
A1505-A43Conduct Disorder in Children and Adolescents2Web$24.00
B1016-B04Non-Suicidal Self-Injury and Motivational Interviewing: Enhancing Readiness for Change1Web$12.00
A1515-A42ODD: Understanding and Treating the Oppositional/Defiant Child2Web$24.00
B7901-B04Treating Difficult Adolescents2Web$24.00

Adventure Therapy

Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
A1512-A42Adventure Therapy for Troubled Youth2Web$16.00


Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
B2604-B04Aging and Long Term Care: Older Adults and Mental Health3Web$36.00
B2605-B04Counseling Older Adults3Web$36.00
B2603-B04Psychosocial Issues for Older Adults in Disasters2Web$24.00

Anger Management

Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
B2704-B04Anger Management1Web$12.00
B2703-B04Anger Management in Trauma Therapy1Web$12.00

Anxiety Disorders

Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
B1305-B04Anxiety Disorders: Diagnosis and Treatment2Web$24.00
B1302-B04Anxiety in Patients with Cancer1Web$12.00
A1519-A42Childhood and Adolescent Anxiety Disorders3Web$24.00
B1306-B04Sexuality and Reproductive Issues in Patients With Cancer2Web$24.00
B1303-B04Social Anxiety Disorder and Alcohol Use1Web$12.00


Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
B5401-B04Attachment-Oriented Psychotherapy1Web$12.00
B7301-B04In-Home Treatment of Reactive Attachment Disorder in a Therapeutic Foster Care System1Web$12.00
B7302-B04Understanding and Treating Attachment Disorders2Web$24.00

Bipolar Disorder

Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
B6701-B04Bipolar Disorder and Alcoholism1Web$12.00
B6702-B04Bipolar: A Review of Evidence-Based Therapeutic Interventions for Bipolar Disorder1Web$12.00
B6703-B04Differential Diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder from Bipolar Disorder1Web$12.00


Borderline Personality

Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
B7102-B04Borderline Personality Disorder3Web$36.00
B7103-B04Treatment of the Borderline Personality1Web$12.00

Brief Therapy

Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
A5101-A29Solution-Focused Brief Therapy1Web$12.00

Case Management

Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
B8503-B04Engaging Children and Families: The Helping Relationship1Web$10.00
B8501-B04History and Principles of Wraparound Services2Web$18.00
B7306-B04Rebuilding Attachments and Encouraging Resilience1Web$12.00


Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
B7303-B04Autism Spectrum Disorders4Web$40.00
B4502-B04Child Custody: Assessment of Family Custody Issues Using Mental Health Evaluations1Web$12.00
B5304-B04Childhood Sexuality: Discerning Healthy from Abnormal Sexual Behaviors1Web$12.00
A1511-A42Habit Disorders in Children2Web$16.00
B8502-B04Interviewing Children1.5Web$12.00
A1504-A42Shyness in Children2Web$24.00
A1507-A42Treating Selective Mutism in Children2Web$24.00
A1508-A42Treating Tourette Syndrome in Children2Web$24.00
A1509-A42Underachieving Child2Web$24.00
B2905-B04Understanding Children’s Art1.5Web$18.00


Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
A6201-A39From Counseling to Coaching: Professional Transitions & Possibilities2Web$24.00
Couples Therapy
Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
B5702-A29Recreating Partnership: A Solution-Oriented Collaborative Approach to Couples Therapy1Web$12.00
C5703-A29Recreating Partnership: A Solution-Oriented Collaborative Approach to Couples Therapy (book)12Book$92.00
Cultural Competence
Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
B3804-B04Cultural Competence: Cultural Complexities1Web$12.00
B3803-B04Culture Counts: The Influence of Culture and Society on Mental Health, Mental Illness2Web$24.00
B3802-B04Multiple Dimensions of Culture in the Treatment of Adolescents and Their Families1Web$12.00
B3801-B04Treating Substance Abuse in LGBT Clients: Overview and Cultural Issues in Working with LGBT Clients2Web$24.00

Depression and Suicide

Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
B1405-B04Assessing Suicide Risk in Children: Guidelines for Developmentally Appropriate Interviewing1Web$12.00
B1404-B04Depression and Suicide in Children and Adolescents2Web$24.00
B8101-B04Depression Assessment and Management: VA/DoD Major Depressive Disorder Clinical Practice Guideline4Web$40.00
B1403-B04Depression in Adults, Adolescents, and Children1Web$12.00
B4101-B04Normal Adjustment, Psychosocial Distress, and the Adjustment Disorders in Cancer Patients1Web$12.00
B1408-B04Suicide Assessment and Intervention1Web$12.00
B1412-B04Suicide Crisis Intervention Model with 25 Practical Strategies for Implementation2Web$24.00


Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
B7001-B04Dream Interpretation: A Developmental Counseling and Therapy Approach1Web$12.00

DSM-IV Diagnosis

Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
C5618-A28DSM-IV Diagnoses for the Practicing Professional (6 audiotapes) - without CE0Aud$99.00

Eating Disorders and Body Image

Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
B7601-B04BDD: A Narrative Approach to Body Dysmorphic Disorder1Web$12.00
B1603-B04Treating Co-Occurring Substance Use and Eating Disorders1Web$12.00
B1601-B04Treatment of Eating Disorder Clients in a Community-Based Partial Hospitalization Program1Web$12.00

Ethics and Law

Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
B3906-B50Dual Relationships: Ethical and Clinical Aspects of Dual Relationships in Psychotherapy6Web$99.00
B3912-B04Ethical and Legal Issues in Psychotherapy4Web$52.00
B3902-B44Ethical and Legal Issues in Substance Abuse Treatment - Part 11Web$15.00
B3903-B44Ethical and Legal Issues in Substance Abuse Treatment - Part 22Web$30.00
B3913-B04Ethical Boundaries and Custody Evaluations1Web$15.00
B3911-B04Ethical Issues with Fees, Billing, and Collections1Web$15.00
B4708-B04Ethics and Risk Management: Social Media and the Internet2Web$30.00
B4707-B04Ethics: Confidentiality2Web$30.00
B3908-B04Ethics: Money and the Therapeutic Relationship2Web$30.00
B3910-B04Ethics: Nine Ethical Values of Master Therapists1Web$15.00
B3909-B45Ethics: Receiving Gifts from Clients - Ethical and Therapeutic Issues1Web$15.00
B1602-B04Ethics: Spiritual Issues in Clinical Practice3Web$45.00
B3917-B04Ethics: Termination of Psychotherapy1Web$15.00
B3904-B04Privacy of Victims' Counseling Communications1Web$15.00

Foster Care

Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
B7305-B04Attachment Issues in Foster Children1Web$12.00
B7903-B04Grandparents Raising Grandchildren1Web$12.00
B7304-B04Issues in Foster Care: Overview of Attachment Theory1Web$12.00
B7307-B04Psychotherapy with Traumatized Foster Children1Web$12.00
B2803-B04Sexual Abuse and Foster Care1Web$12.00

Friday's Progress Notes

Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
B8004-B04Friday's Progress Notes, Vol_15_4 - Substance Abuse3Web$24.00


Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
B6901-B04Pathological Gambling and Alcohol Use Disorder1Web$12.00
B1019-B04Pathological Gambling: Assessment and Treatment1Web$12.00
Grief and Loss
Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
B4503-B04Crying in Psychotherapy1Web$12.00
B2904-B04Grief: A Narrative-Constructivist Approach1.5Web$18.00
B2903-B04Grief: Parent Loss in Childhood and Adolescence1Web$12.00
A1518-A42Helping Children Cope with Death2Web$24.00
C291-A10Lessons of Loss by Robert Neimeyer, PhD10Book$100.00
C5607-A10Lessons of Loss by Robert Neimeyer, PhD - without CE credit0Book$39.00
B2902-B04Loss, Grief, and Bereavement1Web$12.00

HIPAA Compliance

Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
B6812-B50HIPAA Made Friendly: How to Become Compliant - Third Edition6Web$99.00


Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
B6401-B44Mental Health Treatment for Persons with HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse Disorders3Web$36.00

Legal and Mental Health

Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
A451-A00Insanity Defense by Mark R. Fondacaro, JD, PhD1Web$10.00
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
B2001-B04Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Related Disorders: A Comprehensive Survey2Web$18.00
A1514-A42OCD: The Secret Childhood Epidemic2Web$24.00

Pain Management

Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
B8202-B04Chronic Pain: Biological Understanding and Treatment Suggestions for Mental Health Counselors1Web$12.00
B8201-B04Pain Management1Web$12.00

Personality Disorders

Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
B7101-B04Diagnosis and Treatment of Personality Disorders2Web$24.00


Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
B5303-B04Psychotherapeutic Medications 2008: What Every Counselor Should Know 3Web$36.00

Psychological Health of Soldiers and Their Families

Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
B8301-B04Adult-Acquired Traumatic Brain Injury: Existential Implications and Clinical Considerations1Web$12.00
B8102-B04Key Elements in Couples Therapy with Veterans with Combat-Related Posttraumatic Stress Disorder1Web$12.00
B1411-B04Understanding Suicidal Behavior in the Military1Web$12.00


Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
B7801-B04Clinical Excellence: Interview with Scott Miller, PhD1Web$12.00


Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
B2206-B04PTSD #1: Differential Diagnosis - Interview with Hugh F. Johnston, MD1Web$12.00
B2207-B04PTSD #2: Malingering - Interview with Gerald Rosen, PhD1Web$12.00
B2208-B04PTSD #3: Culture of PTSD - Interview with James Herbert, PhD1Web$12.00
B2209-B04PTSD #4: Trauma, the Brain, and Medication - Interview with Anthony D'Agostino, MD1Web$12.00
B2210-B04PTSD #5: Cognitive Behavioral Treatment - Interview with Steven Taylor, PhD1Web$12.00
B2211-B04PTSD #6: The Body Remembers - Interview with Babette Rothschild, MSW, LCSW1Web$12.00
B2212-B04PTSD #7: Engaging Survivors of Extreme Violence - Interview with Martha Bragin, PhD1Web$12.00
B2213-B04PTSD #8: Resilience - Interview with Froma Walsh, PhD1Web$12.00
B2214-B04PTSD #9: Posttraumatic Growth - Interview with Bill O'Hanlon, MS, LMFT1Web$12.00
A1503-A42PTSD in Children3Web$36.00
B2204-B04PTSD: Couples and Family Treatment1Web$12.00
B2202-B04PTSD: Exposure Therapy and Constructive Narrative Therapy1Web$12.00
B2205-B04PTSD: Treating Adults, Adolescents, and Children3Web$36.00


Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
B3101-B16Diagnosing and Treating Co-Dependence6Web$80.00

Risk Management

Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
B4704-B44Ethical and Legal Issues in Substance Abuse Treatment3Web$34.00
B3914-B04Ethical and Legal Issues: Mandated Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect1Web$15.00
B4709-B04Ethics and Risk Management: E-mail Communication - Issues for Mental Health Counselors1Web$15.00
B3918-B04Ethics and Risk Management: Licensing Board Adjudications/Sanctions and Gifts from Clients1Web$15.00
B3907-B04Ethics, Supervision, and Risk Management: Issues in Sexual Boundary Violations3Web$36.00
A421-A12Professional Liability Claims: Processes & Outcomes2Web$10.00
B4705-B15Risk Management Basics: The Application of Law and Ethics to Risk Management2Web$24.00
B4706-B15Risk Management for Mental Health Professionals1Web$12.00
Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
A1506-A42Childhood-Onset Schizophrenia3Web$36.00
B2302-B04Diagnosis and Treatment of Schizophrenia2Web$24.00
B2301-B04Schizophrenia: A Psychoeducational Model for Treating the Adolescent1Web$12.00
B2303-B04Suicide Risk in Schizophrenia: Learning from the Past To Change the Future2Web$24.00


Course TitleTitleCred HrsTypePrice
B7501-B04Supervision: Issues in Clinical Supervision3Web$45.00
B1018-B04Supervision: Psychotherapy-Driven Supervision1Web$12.00
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