Private Investigator in New Orleans

What is it?
CRESCENT INVESTIGATIONS, LLC is a private investigation service in New Orleans. The investigators are highly trained to handle cases and have several different types of private investigation case options such as recovering records, stolen items, people, surveillance, and several different kinds of investigation.

How much is it?
Their investigation services are priced hourly, and based on the distance they are required to travel and can be discussed in more detail before a case is started.

How long will it take?
After you have all details nailed down in consultation, they can usually start a case within twenty-four hours and will give a rough estimation of the length of the investigation during the consultation.

Is it confidential?
Your case will always be completely confidential unless the law requires otherwise. Everything they do is entirely by the book and within their legal rights which protects both them and you from any possible litigation.

Private Investigator in New Orleans

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